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Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour

Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour direct from the Manufacturer

Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour are available directly from factory in Coffs Harbour. We provide a consultation, sales and fitting service. LUXAFLEX® Automatic and Systems 2000 Awnings by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings come in 3 basic styles: the standard Automatic Awning, the Systems 2000 Automatic and the Systems 2000 Pivot Arm Awning.


Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour

LUXAFLEX® Automatic Awnings (also known as Lock Arm Awnings) are a perfect choice for close fitting to windows on a ground floor or onto a balcony. These awnings maximise space with its minimal projection. Easy to use, they operate on fixed guide rods and the self locking arms allow simple adjustment by hand or by a pull stick. LUXAFLEX® Automatic Locking Arm Awnings are a very popular design to provide you with an affordable solution to shade and protect your windows to keep your home cool in summer.


Systems 2000 Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour

LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Automatic Awnings are an award winning ergonomically designed awning style that incorporates superior materials and function. Similar in looks to the Automatic Awning, the LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings have more flexibility in the fixings, and have been tested by the CSIRO to withstand rigorous winds. This awning is very strong and robust as it consists of components made from technically superior materials and engineered to last in tough Australian environmental conditions.


Systems 2000 Pivot Arm Automatic Awnings Coffs Harbour

LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings are from the same family of awnings as the Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings, the Pivot Arm Awning has more control options. Perfect on homes that are more than two stories high, they can be controlled by crank, internal winch or cord.


LUXAFLEX® Automatic and Systems 2000 Awnings by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings are covered by a 5 Year Guarantee, our extensive range is sure to suit your every need. Call us today for your obligation-free in-home consultation!

Automatic Awnings

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