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Outdoor Blinds Coffs Harbour

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Enhance your lifestyle with beautiful outdoor blinds in Coffs Harbour with LUXAFLEX® Fabric Awnings by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings. Providing you with excellent light and sun control, LUXAFLEX® Fabric Awnings maximise the levels of light entering your home at different times of the day, and will shade and protect your home from glare, heat and the Sun’s rays.


Outdoor Blinds Coffs Harbour – The Range

  • Evo Drop Awnings – The Australia-designed Luxaflex Evo Awning range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality. The Evo Drop Awning are a stylish solution where no channels or guides can be fitted. The awning is secured down using locking bolts or straps.
  • Evo Cable Awning – Evo Cable Awnings are ideal for increased air flow behind the fabric. The cables are high tensile 316 grade marine stainless steel, making them perfect for coastal applications.
  • Evo Channel Awnings – Evo Channel Awnings provide an effective alternative for sun/uv protection. The fabric sits deep into the side channel but is not secured in a floating channel.
  • Evo STC Awnings – Luxaflex STC (Side Tension Channel) Awnings are great for shading your outdoor areas. The fabric is held between the left and right channels, making it perfect for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies.
  • Evo Pivot Awnings – Evo Pivot Awnings project the fabric off the window, with the arms and fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning.
  • LUXAFLEX® Folding Arm Awnings– are specifically designed to allow you to screen and shade large patios, balconies and verandas, without the support of posts or beams, making your outdoor areas more inviting. The strong support arms are easily extended or retracted to provide the shade required, and are capable of spanning large widths.
  • LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings– are an award winning ergonomically designed awning style that incorporates superior materials and function. Similar in looks to the Automatic Awning, the LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings have more flexibility in the fixings, and have been tested by the CSIRO to withstand rigorous winds.
  • LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings– from the same family of awnings as the Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings, the Pivot Arm Awning has more control options. Perfect on homes that are more than two stories high, they can be controlled by crank, internal winch or cord.
  • Zip Track Awnings– The Zip Track Awning is unique because of its specially designed side guides which guide the fabric and hold it in place. The unique side guide and spline system are designed to hold the fabric in place in even the toughest wind conditions. Ideal for veranda’s, patio area’s and outdoor dining area’s.

LUXAFLEX® Outdoor Blinds Coffs Harbour and Fabric Awnings by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings are covered by a 5 Year Guarantee. Zip Track Awnings are covered by a 2 Year Guarantee. Call today to arrange a free consultation!

Outdoor Blinds Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

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