Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

Roller Shutters by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings are lightweight yet extremely strong. They are functional and durable, yet still stylish and appealing. They are a quality product that provides superior defence against burglary, an effective deterrent against vandalism and a protective barrier against bushfire and storms.

Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings carries a few different styles of Roller Shutters, so there is sure to be one that suits your needs!

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Rollashield (Ozroll) Roller Shutters

There are 3 main standouts to the Ozroll range that we find are the most popular.

The “standard” AR400 has been designed specifically to suit the domestic roller shutter market in Australia, but is also ideal for many commercial applications as well!

The Sentry Fireshield AE401 is ideal for residential or commercial use, particularly in area’s prone to fire hazards. It is common knowledge that hot or burning embers entering the home during a bushfire is a major factor in the ignition of the building itself. The Sentry Fireshield has been extensively tested by the CSIRO under severe bushfire simulated conditions and has received a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 40. For more information on BAL ratings, please visit the RFS website.

The Stormshield HDF Cyclone Rated shutter offers remarkable advantages where there is high wind or high risk. The high density foam (HDF) is injected into the slat profile under controlled conditions during the manufacturing roll-forming process. Stormshield is available in both restrained and non restrained options. The HDF profile combined with restrained guides has been tested successfully to meet with cyclone category 3 regulations. For more information on cyclone category ratings, please visit the Bureau of Meteorology’s Tropical Cyclone Knowledge Centre website.

CW Products

We also offer a number of different styles from the CW products range. CW Products take pride in manufacturing high quality Roller Shutter products. They offer a range of residential, commercial, wide span, high security, as well as cyclone and bushfire rated shutters.


Roller Shutters present an immediate and visible deterrent to protect your home from intruders.


Roller shutters have thermal insulating properties that reduce the effects of summer heat, and retain warmth during winter.

Noise and Light

They have an overall effect with the reduction of noise levels from outside your home.

Australian Made

All of our Roller Shutters are made to measure in Australia. Our commitment to supporting Australian manufacturing provides local jobs to Australians and consequently ensures we maintain strict control of our quality standards and faster lead times for our customers.

Motorisation Options

With motorisation, Roller Shutters become intelligent window coverings. Re-positioning your shutters is easy because you can operate them with a touch of a button. With the ability to integrate with home automation systems, Roller Shutters are a must have.


Both Ozroll and CW Products offer comprehensive warranties on their products, so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

Roller Shutters by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings supplies roller shutters that are a great choice for your home. We are locally owned, operated and staffed, and have been servicing the Coffs Coast since 1964.

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