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Curtains or Blinds… which should you choose?

Choosing between curtains or blinds can be a tough choice. There are many factors to consider, and each type of window covering has its own benefits and drawbacks. So lets discuss your options!

Things to Consider

There are lots of other factors to take into consideration when deciding between curtains or blinds. Not only will you need to decide what kind of look you are trying to achieve, but you will need to think about things such as light control needed, privacy requirements, room size, room use, window size… the list goes on!

Light Control

If you need light control you cannot go past a blind. Verticals and venetian blinds are the traditional choices when it comes to light control. However, there are also many other options available.

Veri-Shades and Luminette Privacy Sheers are a very popular choice for light control as they both combine the functionality of a blind with the soft flowing beauty of a drape or curtain.

Room Use

Is it a bedroom or bathroom? Because your choice between curtains or blinds will be very different for those two rooms. Generally blinds are better for bathrooms and wet areas such as kitchens and laundries. Curtains are generally the preferred option for bedrooms, lounge rooms and large living spaces.

Curtains or Blinds… Why not Both?

If you’re still stuck and cannot decide between them, then why not simply have both? There are a number or products that combine the benefits of both window coverings, or you could simply choose a combination of both!

Curtains and Blinds Combined

The Luxaflex Soft Shades range features a number of “blinds” that also feature the benefits of drapes. Luminette Privacy Sheers in particular, combine the light control and versatility of a blind, and the soft filtered light of a sheer curtain.

Or, you could combine the classic combination of a blockout roller blind behind a beautiful, soft sheer curtain for a timelessly styled window.

Curtains and Blinds from Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

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