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Evo MagnaTrack Awning by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

Introducing the Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack Awning by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings! It is a game changer in the Australian awning industry due to its unique properties.

This system showcases its self-correcting feature, which is due to its patented magnet technology. It is only straight drop system in Australia that has it, and allows the fabric skin to effortlessly return into the channel if it ever becomes dislodged.

The Evo MagnaTrack Awning harnesses the power of special neodymium magnets within the side channels to hold the fabric in place providing a smooth flat finish with unparalleled strength allowing it to be left down in windy conditions.

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Patented Magnetic Track

The magnetic force in the track system allows fabric to move while under wind pressure as it floats within the channel. After the wind pressure subsides, the magnetic bond of the neodymium magnets will automatically re-tension the fabric back to its original appearance. This is a world first in functionality which goes far beyond what a standard zipper system can do.

Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

The technology behind the MagnaTrack Awning by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings lies deep within its patented design. The side channels employ the use of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets in both sides of the track and the adjustable track insert that holds the fabric.

These magnets are the strongest and most powerful magnets commercially available and on an average sized awning, provide over 100kg of magnetic force on each side keeping the fabric on the awning looking beautifully smooth, flat and taut.

Ultrawide Spans

This new awning system can accomodate widths of up to 6.5 metres and drops of 4 metres, which allows it to span the largest of area’s with ease.

Premium Spectra Fabric

The Magnatrack Awning is available exclusively with a premium fibreglass fabric range called Spectra. This fabric range has a sophisticated twill weave with subtly elegant diagonal patterns.

Motorised Operation

This new awning system is only available with motorised operation to allow for ease of use. It is exclusively available with either Merger or Somfy Motorisation.

Headbox Roller Brush

There are two brushes located inside the headbox. This prevents insects, spiders and wasps from getting inside the headbox and creating nests. Another benefit of the dual brush setup is that it helps to keep the fabric clean while the awning is being operated.

Heavy Duty Bottomrail

The Evo Magnatrack Awning by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings features a heavy duty bottomrail. This allows for smooth and consisitent operation, whilst keeping the fabric looking flat.


Luxaflex offer a 5 year warranty on all their Evo Awnings, so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

Evo MagnaTrack Awnings by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack Awnings are available exclusively in Coffs Harbour through Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings. We are locally owned, operated and staffed, and have been servicing the Coffs Coast since 1964.

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Evo MagnaTrack Awnings Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

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