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Crimsafe Coffs Harbour

The only licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe in Coffs Harbour is Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings.

If you want the best in security screens, then you cannot go past Crimsafe. Crimsafe is the strongest security screen on the market, and we have the test results to prove it.

Crimsafe uses 304 grade stainless steel security mesh which is screw clamped between 2 serrated pieces of metal. This creates a vice-like grip to ensure the mesh cannot be pushed out of the frame. In short, Crimsafe screens and doors increase your security and enhance your lifestyle.

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Crimsafe Security Doors and Screens Coffs Harbour

Reasons why Crimsafe Doors and Screens by Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings are the best choice when it comes to security for your home:

  • All doors have a minimum 3 point locking system which means added security and peace of mind
  • Window screens are available with a unique Safe-S-Cape option which creates a quick keyless exit from the inside of your home. This means you can escape easily in the case of fire or other emergency
  • Exclusive screw clamped mesh
  • Tamper resistant screws that can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Crimsafe
  • Blocks out at least 30% of UV rays and improves the energy rating of glass doors and windows
  • Exceeds all Australian standards tests, rather than just meeting them.
  • Crimsafe’s bush fire protection properties mean that Crimsafe doors and screens will help protect your home from damage by fire. Floating embers cannot pass through the mesh and it reduces the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 45% (confirmed by CSIRO testing).
  • Crimsafe provides a strong barrier to prevent falls from windows. It meets the building construction requirements for child protection of openable windows.
  • A 1.5mm apeture which will prevent 99% of mosquitos from passing through.
  • Helps to block hail stones and wind-borne debris during storms and cyclones. Specially designed cyclone debris screens are available and rated up to 44m/s.
  • Minimum 10 year guarantee which can be extended to 12 or 15 years by registering your purchase online.

Different Types of Crimsafe in Coffs Harbour

Crimsafe has different products which are suitable for different purposes.

  • Crimsafe Regular is the original Crimsafe range and has set the standard in security screen strength and design. It continues to be the baseline for Crimsafe’s commitment to exceptional quality and durability.
  • Crimsafe Ultimate takes the Crimsafe range to the next level of security, strength and style. Crimsafe ultimate uses more screws in the fastening system, making it 40% stronger than the regular product. In addition, Ultimate features a clip-on screw cover that creates a smooth, architecturally designed look.
  • Crimsafe iQ is the strongest stainless steel security door in Australia. iQ is the first Crimsafe product to be able to incorporate smart technology, allowing you bluetooth, keypad or fingerscan access.
For more information, visit the Crimsafe website, or you can read 10 Reasons Why Crimsafe is the Best Security Screen on the Market.

When trying to decide the best Security Doors and Screens Coffs Harbour – Crimsafe doors and screens by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings are really the only option.

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