Luxaflex Veri Shades Have Launched as LumiShades!

11 Mar 2019

Luxaflex have launched Veri Shades under their own brand called LumiShades! LumiShades are a contemporary take on a classic window covering. LumiShades combine the performance of a blind and the beauty of a sheer curtain. Therefore, they provide the perfect balance of style, durability and functionality to complement any home interior.

The soft fabric translucent vanes provide daytime privacy whilst allowing a soft view through. Simply rotate the vanes slightly to adjust the level of light. Or turn them completely for complete privacy.

The ingenuity of the Luxaflex Veri Shades lies in the individual fabric vanes. The vanes are individual and not attached at all. This allows you to have seamless indoor-outdoor living. Therefore, it also allows you to conveniently walk through the individual vanes whether they are opened or closed.

Seamless colour coordination between the fabric and the hardware creates a cohesive interior style. The modern headrail design is available in 6 matching colours for your convenience.

As featured in the “Three Birds Renovation – House 9” and the “My Ideal House” project by Australian House and Garden, the Luxaflex® Veri Shade® is a stunning addition to any home.

For more information, visit our Veri Shade page, or Luxaflex’s Website.

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