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Made to Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds are an investment in your home. When you start to think of new blinds for your home, you will probably question whether you should go with custom made or “off the shelf” window coverings.

Custom-made or made-to-measure blinds can be more expensive, but are they worth it? Well, read on, because we discuss the advantages…


Probably one of the biggest advantages of custom made blinds is quality. Usually, blinds that are custom built for your home will be better quality than blinds you can buy off-the-shelf because they are not massed produced. They are bespoke blinds made specifically for your home.


Another advantage of custom made blinds is the range. If you purchase custom made blinds, you can literally choose any fabric you like. You can choose the colour, the texture, the opacity and the operating system. Therefore, your blinds will be exactly what you wanted. With off-the-shelf products, you are limited to one or two colour choices.

Improved Fit

Off the shelf blinds come in “standard” sizes. But the major problem with this is windows, just like homes, do not come in “standard” sizes. For a perfect fit, millimetres will matter with your blinds, and buying off the shelf will leave you with extra work at the end to make sure your blinds fit properly and look good. Custom made blinds on the other hand, are tailor made to suit your windows exclusively.

Professional Advice

Custom-made blinds come with custom advice from professionals. We offer a free measure and consultation, which alleviates some of the tricky questions about what types of blinds are the best for your home. Also, if we measure the blinds, we guarantee they will fit. And if they don’t, we will remake them for you at no charge. So, the risk is on us, and you can have a stress-free experience.

Made to Measure Blinds by Coffs Harbour Blinds and Awnings

Every single one of our blinds is made to measure. They are all custom-made to your specifications for your home, so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

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Made to Measure Blinds

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