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Motorised Blinds used to be a luxury that only a select few of us could afford. But now, motorisation is increasingly becoming the norm, as buyers demand convenience and luxury at affordable prices.

We have come along in leaps and bounds in terms of the options available for motorising your blinds and awnings. Remote controlled, battery operated, even voice control!

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider motorising your blinds:

Motorised Blinds for Convenience

Motorising your blinds and awnings allows you to control the atmosphere of your home with a single touch of a button. Motorisation allows your to control just one shade, or all the shades in the room together. Recent advances in technology also allow you to control your blinds through your smart phone or tablet, as well as by voice when paired with the Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Home Kit.

Motorised Blinds for Luxury

What could be more luxurious that controlling all your blinds and awnings by remote control?

Energy Efficiency

In some cases, your blinds can be scheduled to operate automatically at certain times of the day. This allows you to open and close your blinds to maximise your climate control. Home-automation allows each device to work individually or together based on user preferences or external conditions.

Child Safety

Child Safety is a major concern with blinds and awnings. Children can easily become tangled in cords, which can lead to tragic circumstances. Motorised blinds mean no messy cords, and a child safe home!


Configure your home automation system to give the illusion someone is home. You can schedule your blinds open & close while on holidays, or while you are at work.

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